Programming with Microsoft Visual C++ .NET

Microsoft Visual C++ .NET

by Abhishek



Learn how to write solid Visual C++ .NET code today with this comprehensive reference—the latest edition of the industry’s most trusted text. It’s the complete programming guide for intermediate and advanced developers who want to create .NET applications with Visual C++ and the Microsoft .NET Framework. Focusing on core programming techniques, instructions, and solutions, this book shows you what’s new in Visual C++ .NET and walks you through the development life cycle with this powerful language. Get in-depth coverage of the language’s syntax, tools, and APIs—along with expert advice and timesaving techniques. Take advantage of complete, task-based instruction plus your Microsoft Windows and C++ programming skills to produce a new generation of killer Windows and .NET-based applications.

Topics Covered Include:

Fundamentals: Windows and Visual C++, MFC essentials and the MFC application wizard; Visual C++ .NET wizards; Windows message mapping; classic GDI functions, fonts, and bitmaps; dialog boxes; common controls and Microsoft ActiveX controls; Microsoft Win32 core memory management; Windows message processing and multithreaded programming. MFC document-view architecture: Menus, keyboard accelerators, the Rich Edit control, and property sheets; toolbars and status bars; a reusable frame

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