C++ Primer

C++ Primer Plus

by Abhishek



Learning C++ is an adventure of discovery, particularly because the language accommodates several programming paradigms, including object-oriented programming, generic programming, and the traditional procedural programming. C++ was a moving target as the language added new features, but now, with the ISO/ANSI C++ Standard, Second Edition (2003), in place, the language has stabilized. Contemporary compilers support most or all of the features mandated by the standard, and programmers have had time to get used to applying these features. The fifth edition of this book, C++ Primer Plus, reflects the ISO/ANSI standard and describes this matured version of C++. C++ Primer Plus discusses the basic C language and presents C++ features, making this book self-contained. It presents C++ fundamentals and illustrates them with short, to-the-point programs that are easy to copy and experiment with. You’ll learn about input/output (I/O), how to make programs perform repetitive tasks and make choices, the many ways to handle data, and how to use functions. You’ll learn about the many features C++ has added to C, including the following: •Classes and objects • Inheritance •Polymorphism, virtual functions, and runtime type identification (RTTI) • Function overloading • Reference variables •Generic, or type-independent, programming, as provided by templates and the Standard Template Library (STL) •The exception mechanism for handling error conditions •Namespaces for managing names of functions, classes, and variables

Chapter 1:   C++ Primer

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