Network Forensics

Tracking Hackers through Cyberspace

by Abhishek



This book would not exist without the support of two widely respected security professionals: Rob Lee and Ed Skoudis. Three years ago, Rob Lee tapped us to create the network forensics curriculum for the SANS Institute. This was the first time that we pooled our joint knowledge on the subject, and actually gave that body of work a name. Since that time, Rob has continued to act as a mentor and friend, constantly pushing us to improve our work, incorporate feedback, and extend the limits of our knowledge. Rob: Thank you for your high standards, your open and honest feedback, and most of all for believing in us. We could not have accomplished this without you. Ed, in turn, encouraged us to write this book and kindly took the time to introduce us to his editor. His advice on the process proved invaluable. Thank you, Ed, for all of your help and support. We are forever grateful. Thanks to all the terrific staff at Pearson who put so much time and effort into producing this book, especially our wonderful editor, Chris Guzikowski, as well as Jessica Goldstein, Raina Chrobak, Julie Nahil, Olivia Basegio, Chris Zahn, Karen Gettman, Chuti Prasertsith, John Fuller, and Elizabeth Ryan. A very special thanks as well to the great team at Laserwords for producing this book, especially Patty Donovan for her patience and kindness. Many thanks to Jonah Elgart for creating the awesome cover illustration. We deeply appreciate the work of Dr. Dan Geer, who kindly wrote the foreword for this book. We are very grateful to our friends and colleagues who conducted technical reviews of the book: Michael Ford, Erik Hjelmvik, Randy Marchany, Craig Wright, and Joshua Wright. Their perspectives and attention to detail made this book infinitely better.

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