Hacking Windows

hacking windows

by Abhishek



Windows XP is a great operating system.It is faster and more secure than any other version of Windows.However,for some,it is not fast and secure enough.By picking up this book,you have started a three-part journey that will guide you through all of the steps of customizing,optimizing for performance,and securing Windows XP.I am not talking about minor little tweaks;this book is going to show you how to conduct major surgery on your Windows XP box. Visually,Windows XP is superior to all other Windows versions.No other version of Windows has ever looked this good.So how could you make it look better? Customize it! Impress your friends and refresh your dull desktop with a cool new look.I am going to show you how to completely change the way Windows XP looks during all stages of its operation. Performance-wise,Windows XP has made great advances.However,for some computer users of older hardware,running Windows XP can be like trying to pull a 100-foot yacht behind a tiny import car.Although Windows XP will not bust your CPU quite so much as a yacht would,it can slow down the operation of your computer because there are so many new features.To help you out,I am going to show you how to get the new features under control;I’ll also tell you about some tricks that I have found to speed up the operation of Windows XP.If you already have the V12 4 x 4 of computers,and you have no problem pulling the 100-foot yacht,then you will still benefit from the performance tips. Windows XP is a lot more secure than prior Windows operating systems.However,as we all know from recent history,it has not been doing very well.This book is going to show you how to use some of the new features of Windows XP Service Pack 2,as well as many other cool security tips,to make Windows XP much securer.Congratulations on starting your journey. Your computer will be in better shape than ever in no time!

Chapter 1:   Hacking Windows

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