by Abhishek



“This book has humor, and charm, but most importantly, it has heart. I know that sounds ridiculous to say about a technical book, but I really sense that at its core, this book (or at least its authors) really care that the reader learn the material. This comes across in the style, the language, and the techniques. Learning – real understanding and comprehension – on the part of the reader is clearly top most in the minds of the Freemans. And thank you, thank you, thank you, for the book’s strong, and sensible advocacy of standards compliance. It’s great to see an entry level book, that I think will be widely read and studied, campaign so eloquently and persuasively on behalf of the value of standards compliance in web page code. I even found in here a few great arguments I had not thought of – ones I can remember and use when I am asked – as I still am – ‘what’s the deal with compliance and why should we care?’ I’ll have more ammo now! I also liked that the book sprinkles in some basics about the mechanics of actually getting a web page live - FTP, web server basics, file structures, etc.”

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