HTML Guidelines for Web Developers


by Abhishek



In this book, we give you extensive insight into the new possibilities of HTML5. In addition to the classic specification components, such as video, audio, canvas, intelligent forms, offline applications, and microdata (to name but a few), this overview also includes topics in the immediate context of HTML5—for example, geolocation, web storage, WebSockets, and web workers. Numerous compact, clear, and practical examples illustrate the new elements and techniques in HTML5. There is something here for everyone, whether you decide you want to construct a web log, program your own video and audio player, use the browser as a graphics program, work with geographical data, test to the limit the capacity of your browser, or prefer to live out your playful nature by trying a quiz with drag and drop or playing Battleships! with WebSockets. We also give you plenty of tips and tricks regarding JavaScript and the DOM. It is to be expected that sooner or later all browsers, in order to remain competitive in the future, will accommodate HTML5. We therefore decided not to include workarounds and compatibility libraries in most cases. In this book you will find pure HTML5, supported in our examples by at least one browser, but in most cases supported already by several manufacturers. For an up-to-date and complete reference of the new HTML elements, we refer you to the Internet. You will find the relevant links in the appropriate text passages of this book.

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