C# Java Programmers

C# Java Programmers

by Abhishek



Welcome to C# for Java Programmers.I think you’ll find that this book will be both enjoyable and challenging at the same time.It will cover Microsoft’s new platform called .NET and the exciting new language for the platform called C#. According to Microsoft,the C# language is a simple,modern,object-oriented,and type-safe programming language derived from C and C++.But looking closely,you can see that C# also has a lot of similarities with Java.Our main goal here is to teach you the C# language by leveraging your existing Java skills. I know,I know,you’re probably wondering why you should learn another language when you already know Java and are reasonably comfortable with it.Well,here are several reasons: ■ First,it’s from Microsoft.When a big company like Microsoft puts most of their resources into a new technology it’s hard for developers not to take notice.This new technology will certainly make an impact in the industry. ■ As a programmer,C# is a language that will benefit you if it’s add to your repertoire.With your Java skills,it’ll be a relatively small leap to learn this new language.Therefore,learning C# will increase your marketability in the workplace relatively painlessly. ■ By learning C# and .NET,you’ll have several choices when implementing a solution for a specific project.For example,you can choose between .NET and J2EE when it comes to developing XML-based Web services. ■ It’s arguable that Java lacks the performance needed when it comes to Windows applications development.C# enables you to develop fast

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