Eclipse Distilled

Eclipse Distilled

by Abhishek



Organized for rapid access, focused on productivity, Eclipse Distilled brings together all the answers you need to make the most of today's most powerful Java development environment. David Carlson introduces proven best practices for working with Eclipse, and shows exactly how to integrate Eclipse into any Agile development process.

Part I shows how to customize workspaces, projects, perspectives, and views for optimal efficiencyand how to leverage Eclipse's rapid development, navigation, and debugging features to maximize both productivity and code quality. Part II focuses entirely on Agile development, demonstrating how Eclipse can simplify team ownership, refactoring, continuous testing, continuousintegration, and other Agile practices. Coverage includes

Managing Eclipse projects from start to finish: handling both content and complexity

Using perspectives, views, and editors to work more efficiently

Setting preferences to fit your own unique needsor your team's

Leveraging Eclipse's powerful local and remote debugging tools

Understanding how Eclipse fits into contemporary iterative development processes

Performing continuous testing with JUnit in the Eclipse environment

Using Eclipse's wizard-assisted refactoring tools

Implementing continuous integration with Ant-based

Chapter 1:   Eclipse Distlled

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