Eclipse: Step-by-Step

Eclipse: Step-by-Step

by Abhishek



Just as Eclipse is one of the greatest breakthroughs in programming since the graphical user interface, this book may be the greatest breakthrough you will experience in learning a new programming environment. The systematic, step-by-step approach will get you started in the least amount of time possible, and will give you a tremendous foundation to propel you into the future of programming.

If you have any programming experience at all, this book will teach you how to use Eclipse in the most effective way, systematically guiding you through each screen, telling you what to type, which buttons to push, and walking you through building your first application in Eclipse. Where you go from there is up to you!

You will be able to use this book even if your only knowledge of Java is how to spell it. However, that doesn’t mean that Java programmers can’t benefit! Even experienced developers can make use of this book, since it covers three areas that are of crucial interest these days: Eclipse, IBM’s Software Widget Toolkit (the SWT), and JDBC. If you’ve wanted to see a working application using any of those technologies, then this book is for you.

Each step has a checklist of

Chapter 1:   Eclipse step by step

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