Pro Hibernate

Pro Hibernate

by Abhishek



This book would not have been possible without the energy and enthusiasm of the Apress staff: especially Steve Anglin for entrusting us with the project in the first place; Beth Christmas, our Project Manager; Linda Marousek, our Copy Editor; and Katie Stence, our Production Editor. Thank you all. We are indebted to Dilip Thomas, our Technical Editor, whose timely and pithy commentary helped us to polish the rough edges of this work. The parts of the book that we are particularly proud of are usually the direct result of his notes and enquiries. Dave would like to thank his parents for entrusting the family ZX81 to his clutches some years past, and his wonderful girlfriend Kalani Seymour for her patience and enthusiasm. He would also like to thank Jeff Verdegan for his assistance with a particularly tricky example that makes an appearance in Chapter 13. Jeff would like to thank his family, Nancy, Judy, Rob, and Beth, for being supportive during the book-writing process. He’d also like to thank his friends Giuliano, Ronalyn, Roman, Karl, Michael, Jason, Valerie, Micah, and Betsy. Where this book fails to achieve its aims, we the authors are, of course, entirely responsible

Chapter 1:   Pro Hibernate

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