J2ME: The Complete Reference

J2ME: The Complete Reference

by Abhishek



Java technology has evolved from a programming language designed to create machine-independent embedded systems into a robust, vendor-independent, machine-independent, server-side technology, enabling the corporate community to realize the full potential of web-centric applications. JavabeganwiththereleaseoftheJavaDevelopmentKit(JDK).Itwasobviousfrom the start that Java was on a fast track to becoming a solution to the problems of many corporate systems. More interface and libraries were extended in the JDK as the corporate world demanded—and received—application programming interfaces (API) that addressed real-world situations. JDK API extensions fully integrated into the JDK with the release of the Java 2 StandardEdition(J2SE)oftheJDK.J2SEcontainsalltheAPIsneededtobuildindustrial strength Java applications. However, the corporate world felt J2SE lacked the strength required for developing enterprise-wide applications and for servicing the needs of developers of mobile and embedded systems. Again the corporate community pushed Sun Microsystems, Inc. to revise Java technology to address needs of an enterprise. Sun Microsystems, Inc. then launched the Java Community Program (JCP) that brought together corporate users, vendors, and technologists to develop a standard for enterprise Java APIs. The result is the

Chapter 1:   J2ME: The Complete Reference

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