Linux System Administration

Linux System Administration

by Abhishek



Books such as Linux System Administration come into existence only with the contribution of many people’s efforts. Consider it impossible to list them all here. First, we would like to thank Andy Oram, whose editing, writing, and management efforts to get this book into shape seem remarkable. Apart from working as the overall editor, Andy contributed materially to the content of this book. Andy functioned like a project manager and demonstrated both patience and discipline. We could not have asked more from the contributions of Falko Timme, Phil Howard, and Herschel Cohen. Falko lent his time and expertise to Chapters 2 and 4. Phil wrote the bulk of Chapter 11 and provided the framework for Chapter 10 and the accompanying appendix of scripts. Herschel wrote sections of several chapters, including Chapters 8 and 10, and contributed his expertise to Chapter 6. All three contributors also reviewed other parts of the book.

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