by Abhishek



This book is for anyone searching for guidance on using Ubuntu and primarily focuses on Intel-based PC platforms. Although the contents are aimed at intermediate to advanced users, even new users with a bit of computer savvy will benefit from the advice, tips, tricks, traps, and techniques presented in each chapter. Pointers to more detailed or related information are also provided at the end of each chapter. If you are new to Linux, you might need to learn some new computer skills, such as how to research your computer’s hardware, how to partition a hard drive, and (occasionally) how to use a command line. This book helps you learn these skills and shows you how to learn more about your computer, Linux, and the software included with Ubuntu. System administrators with experience using other operating systems can use the information in this book to install, set up, and run common Linux software services, such as the Network File System (NFS), a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server, and a web server (using Apache, among others).

Chapter 1:   Ubuntu UNLEASHED

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