Urologic Surgery

Urologic Surgery

by Abhishek



“Urologists are—first and foremost—surgeons.” The second edition expressed the hope that the volume “constitute the basis for further advances and that it be rendered obsolete by progress in urology.” In the third edition, it was acknowledged that progress in urology was paralleled by “advances in anesthesia, antibiosis, medical techniques, and diagnostic capability.” The fourth edition reaffirmed that “although many textbooks of urology and a number of excellent atlases dealt with surgical procedures, no single volume combined the virtues of text and illustrations that amplify the fundamental considerations and technical aspects” of urologic surgery.

In retrospect, these thoughts are verities. We are still seeing rapid advances in our specialty. Perhaps there is no greater compliment to a medical publication than to admit to obsolesence in only a matter of a few months or years, as the result of our expanding capabilities. However, it is our expressed hope that this volume will serve as a ready reference for medical students, residents in training, and even our colleagues with the most advanced surgical skills.

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