Medicine Recommendations

Medicine Recommendations

by Abhishek



Primary Care Medicine Recommendations was derived to be both a pocket handbook and a PDA application from the fourth edition of our textbook Primary Care Medicine (PCM). It is designed as a portable decision tool and provides detailed specific recommendations for the screening, workup, and management of more than 200 unique clinical problems seen in the outpatient setting. The recommendations have been organized, written, and formatted for the pocket handbook and PDA platform so that they are easily readable and readily accessible wherever and whenever you need them.

The rationale and evidence for each of these recommendations is contained in the textual material and annotated bibliographies of the source textbook (PCM), which should be read by students and residents so that you develop an understanding of the material rather than just know a “right” answer. The goal is to provide you with recommendations that represent the latest and best approaches to your patients’ problems.

For over two decades, our goal has been to make PCM the most useful, reliable, and cost-effective source of primary care information. With the advent of Internet and PDA technology, we have the opportunity to expand our efforts and make the information even more accessible. We hope you find Primary Care Medicine Recommendations a uniquely useful tool in the care of your patients.


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