Gynecology and Women's Health

Gynecology and Women's Health

by Abhishek



Kistner's Principles and Practice of Gynecology was first published in 1964, and since then each new edition has been a standard text in the field. The book was a distillation of the teaching and practice of gynecology at the Free Hospital for Women, which was founded in 1875, and a continuation of prior texts by Dr. William Graves, the first Professor of Gynecology at Harvard Medical School. It was at the Free Hospital that John Rock collaborated with Celso Garcia and others at the Worcester Foundation in the development of the birth control pill in the 1950s. Robert W. Kistner (1917-1990) started at the Free Hospital for Women in 1952 and became an Associate Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1984. He was a very skilled and popular gynecological surgeon, endocrinologist, and teacher who distilled his knowledge of the field into this text. As the field expanded he engaged the help of colleagues for subsequent editions. The current editors are pleased to be able to carry on the tradition. We wish to express our appreciation to all of the contributors for this Seventh Edition, for their scholarship and hard work, and to acknowledge our debt to authors of prior editions that provide the foundation for the current effort. Finally we wish to recognize the able assistance of Susan Holman, Ph.D., who as manuscript coordinator had a central role in the preparation of the book with help in editing, communicating with authors and the publishers, and smooth processing of manuscripts.

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