Clinical Hypertension

Clinical Hypertension

by Abhishek



This book represents the distillation of a tremendous volume of literature, filtered through the receptive and, I trust, discriminating awareness of a single author. When I wrote the first edition in 1973, the task was challenging, mainly because few had tried a synthesis of what was then known. But—as most who read this book are well aware—in the ensuing 30 years, the task has become much more difficult, mainly because the literature on hypertension has grown so that it is almost beyond the grasp of any one person. I continue to be a single author (with the important exception of the chapter on children) for these two reasons:

First, a single-authored text offers more cohesion and completeness, and, at the same time, brevity and lack of repetition, compared to most multiauthored but rarely edited megabooks. Second, I have the time, energy, and interest to keep up with the literature, and this book has become the major focus of my professional life. The success of the previous editions and the many compliments received from both clinicians in the field and investigators from the research bench have prompted me to do it again.

Chapter 1:   Clinical Hypertension

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